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There is nothing quite like a 'GOOD HAIR DAY'! So I am trying to conquer the world, one head of hair at a time! Join me for my Tutorials demonstrating fabulous and simple everyday hair styles, Up-do's, the latest trends in haircuts and get a sneak peak at my favorite Products on the market!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Step back in Time

This is my beautiful model Whitney! She is so gorgeous inside and out, I love when a client sits in my chair and is so excited about getting their hair done. On top of that, is enthusiastic and loves any style I create. This was a fun tutorial to do. I have two videos I will be posting on YouTube soon as I figure out how to do it;). So check back soon!

I am inspired by the gorgeous woman from the 1940's.The well embellished hairstyles- pin curls, finger waves, brushed out curl sets, the makeup and attire. I have a picture of my grandmother when she was about 18yrs old. She was absolutely stunning. I love that! Why can't we look and present ourselves that way now? That is my inspiration. Try it!

I 1st started off by curling Whitney's hair with a 1 1/4inch curling iron. I prepped the hair before with a styling spray to help maintain the strength of the curl.
2nd- I back combed the top crown of her head to live some lift.
3rd- I sectioned her hair off of her natural part in the front.
4th- I then took two sections on the front right side of her head, just in front of the ear. I back combed again at the root.
5th- Then curl the top section carefully around the iron. Wrap the hair in a circular pattern, following the curve from the iron.
6th- place bobby pin(make sure your bobby pins match the color of your hair... No black bobby pins for you blondies:)) to hold, tuck them so they are not visible.
7th- Repeat with the next section down.

Two pin curls

The Left side:
1st- Section off the hair just in front of the ear
2nd- Back comb the hair at the root.
3rd- Curl the hair with the iron away from the face
4th- release the curl from the iron and place two fingers in its place to hold the curl.
5th- lay the Curl vertically against the head
6th- Place bobby pins vertically to hold the curl in place
7th- Spray with hairspray the direction the hair is laying

Gently brush out the curls. Beautiful!

This is my favorite, I think my Swedish roots are beginning to reveal themselves here.
The Braid band.

1st-Off of the natural part, take a zig-zag part
2nd- Start a french braid starting at the part, follow down the side of the head
3rd- work your way around.
4th- Once you get to the other side of the head, make sure to hold tight. The braid will start to twist. Which is alright, I think it adds uniqueness.
5th- Place bobby pins along the way, to make sure the braid is well get.
6th- Once you have reached the top, twist the end of the hair in to the start of the braid. Bobby pin.
7th- Place a cute *headband to add some style.

*Special thanks to the talented Janae for making the adorable headband!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ingrid Michaelson - Everybody

Check out this gorgeous hair! Love it!

I loved working with this hair. This is Danny, my beautiful model who has amazing long and gorgeous hair. I had been eyeing her hair for several weeks now at church, and finally asked her if I could use her as a model. I was so excited when she said yes!

I first started off with a radial part, from the top of one ear to the next. Clip of each section.

From behind the ear, I back combed the crown of her head for height. Then I used Bumble and Bumble styling spray to smooth the hair back.

I placed the top section into a hair tie for support. *Note: Fine hair can skip this step.

Then I pull one of the side sections to the back lower crown. Then I do a half a twist and then secure with bobby pins.

I repeat on the opposite side and secure with bobby pins.

Back comb the front sections and smooth out with comb and styling spray. Then loosely pull back off the face and place bobby pins to hold. I love this b/c it is simple, but elegant.

Take a radial part from in front of the ear to the lower recession of your hairline. Clip it off.

Back comb the crown (using a back combing comb will give you best results. Can be found at any beauty supply store). Then use a smoothing brush, Bumble Styling spray and Aquage Shine spray to guide the hair to the side of the head, just behind the ear.

Place the hair in a pony tail. Then section the hair into sections. Twist each piece. Then begin wrapping the two pieces around each other. Once reach the end, tie off with a rubber hair tie.

The front, I just twisted her bang forward and then bring it back to the pony tail. I used the remaining hair to wrap around the actual pony tail holder. So cute and so simple! Try it.

I couldn't stop there. I took the pony twist and created a beautiful wrapped bun. Perfect for a special event or night out.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Time for the Fall!

This is my beautiful model Stephanie... She is so adorable and has a flair for creativity and style. She is one of those clients that every Hairstylist dies for. She sits down and my chair and says, " whatever Karla, I trust you". Que clouds parting and chorus singing..."Ahhhhh". I love her! She is so fun to work with. So we decided to bring in the fall tones by changing her color to a chestnut brown. There is more than beneath the eye, she has panels of red/violet hues under the top layer to add some dimension and character.
The haircut... Since this is my cup of tea... I enjoyed doing so much. Stephanie has a beautiful heart shape face... I am a little bias to this face shape;) I wanted to open up around her face to show off her stunning eyes. I did this by adding peek-a-boo bangs and then carved out the left side along her face to to show off the cheekbones. The back is layered short underneath, allowing the top layers to fall over giving the hair the illusion of movement and texture. This is a great shape for straight and wavy textures. Thin to thick densities would work if the right amount of texturizing is done appropriately.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Crew Cut

The Crew Cut

This past weekend I was visiting my sister in LA. We laughed for an hour over this website. called awkward family photo's. Thought I would share:)

Welcome to the 60's

The 1960's was a time of change in many ways. One in particular was in fashion and glamour. Hair was being pulled up and created into beautiful art forms. Woman were not afraid to show off their neckline, shoulders and cheekbones. It was all about beauty! To do so the hair was pulled up. I am not talking about the infamous Beehive...UGH! But smoothness, wrapping, volume and elegance of the hair.

One of my most favorite actresses of that era was Audrey Hepburn. She not only was talented and beautiful, but inside was a pretty spectacular person by doing a lot for her community.
So she is my inspiration for the week, just taking her Breakfast at Tiffany's look to a everyday casual arrangement of hair.

Step 1: I started by parting the hair about a 1 1/2inch thick from my front hair line; from ear to ear. Clip the hair forward.
Step 2: Turn head upside down and grab 3 pieces at the neck hairline.
Step 3: Start french braiding. It will be a upside down french braid.
Step 4: Continue the upside down french braid until reaching the lower crown of the head.
Step 5: Wrap into a small rubber band.
Step 6: Pull head up and start back-combing (aka teasing) the front sections of the hair. Then gently smooth it out.
Step7: Take 1-2 inch piece sections and start wrapping them back towards the pony tail braid. Pull the sides back toward the ear.
Step 8: Place bobby-pins to secure the hair. Use hairspray to hold in place.

I love this because instead of the plain pony tail, it is now a retro 60's updo. Enjoy! Email me if you have any questions!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Where to find Aquage

So many of you wonderful readers have asked me were to find the amazing Aquage Finishing Spray. So this is what I found:

Amazon.com, buy.com or Salon's also carry this line. It is well worth it! Good luck!